Day 1: Working on Roar bikes

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Clocking time
Today I continued working on the UX design course I am following on Udemy. Last week I started with clocking the time I am working on projects. The idea is to keep focussed and not spent to much time on making a design. I think when clocking time in the future I hopefully see I will be able to create more designs in less time. 

I used a website called: I created projects (in this case courses) and used tags for specific fases: Sketching, Wireframe, HF-mockups. 

For this course I desided to take the advice to start sketching even before creating a wireframe. I found it helps to put idea’s more easy and faster on paper then on the PC. Also it helps reduce time whatching a screen. Below you can see some sketches for the product page.

Then I started working on the wireframe for the product page. It helped alot to have sketches. First I wrote down what content I wanted on the page. In this case it would be:

  • Product name
  • Main product image
  • Colors
  • Description
  • Price
  • Atleas 2 detailed images
  • Purchase button

I simply created a wireframe for each sketch I made. Then I continued with making variations. I did not like every design. The goal for now was just to create several idea’s and then gradually working on 1 or 2 designs where I would make a HF-mockup for. It’s usefull because you can easily what elements are usefull, but also which one are not. In this case Wireframe 4 and 5.

Wireframe product page

I remembered something called the Golden circle I applied it but it was difficult to fully use it. If you have feedback on how I could improve I would love to here it.